You wont find me with the Cowboys at the "Coffee Saloon" anymore!

My kitchen at Canford Cliffs has officially closed. 
The saloon took a previously unexpected turn. It is going for expansion.They want to open at least another five saloons and with that in mind they  have decided to out- source the food. The food will be coming from Naz at My Food. Naz already has a fully equipped kitchen at the Nuffeild estates. There was an option that I could perhaps work evenings   preparing food for the Saloon but I am not much of an evening person. 
As a breakfast- brunch cook I like to get up early and start the coffee. I also really like to have a chance to talk to the customers. 

So I am back home in Parkstone, with my pots and pan's cookbooks and shakers. 
I just wanted to say I had fun working with the goat team. I have loved meeting new customers in my four months at The Saloon, and I have also been so flattered with the loyalty of old customers who have followed me from from place to place,some from as far back as Las- Margaritas days. 

  Here are  a few pictures of some of  the food that we served at the saloon. 

Gado- Gado Wap
Bahn Mi with Pork
Sourdough Toast, Goats Cheese, Honey comb and Flowers.   
                                         Pastrami sauerkraut and cheese

August  is a great month to be out of the kitchen and I really do intend to take full advantage of it. The last time I had the summer off Raven was six. 
At the end of august I will be cooking with Sarah Peters from Travels with my aunt 

For the next little while Instead of being full of vegetable and dairy orders my diary is going to be filled with new things.  When the summer is over I will decide what i will do next. In the mean time if anyone wants to meet for brunch or lunch I am free for the rest of the summer.