Pho, seems to be appearing in places other than the Vietnamese cafes in London.
Pho is my husband Bruce's ultimate comfort food,his best hangover food.
in his twenty plus years of being a bar musician in Toronto it always bought him satisfaction and salvation when nothing else could.

I took the picture of the packaged Pho in Brighton This soup is made by Eat.I Wish i could have bought it and tried it. I am curious,wouldnt the the noodles be soggy.
What about the fresh squeeze of lime juice and fresh herbs added just before eating. How could it keep that fresh Asian flavour? Unfortantely Raven and i were staying in a Travelodge so we couldnt take it home and try it. And I certainly didnt want to be carrying a pot of noodles home with me on the coach the next day.

The other pictures, the actual steaming bowl of Pho was taken in my kitchen. Sorry i did not clean the kitchen and organize a proper food photo shoot thingie. Soup got made and eaten too quickly. Bruce was coming down with a cold so i made him his favourite.
Pho is traditionally a clear delicate beef broth usualy containing thinly sliced beef and rice noodle. It can be served with with fresh wedges of lime, hoisin sauce, hot sauce, Cilantro, Asian basil, bean sprouts. It can come with all of these or just a few of them.
Kensington Market in Toronto where Bruce and lived when we got married had some amazing Pho restaurants. Now we live in Parkestone Poole and there is not a Pho restaurant to be seen. I try and try to recreate this dish for him but so far i am only almost there.


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