Cheap White Bread Toasties

It is such a joy to get out and about and see what the rest of the world is doing. When my daughter was a toddler a half term treat outing consisted of a short train journey to the New Forest, a look at the ponies, a walk in the woods a little picnic. Things have changed at thirteen, the Girl loves to shop and she loves Brighton. She also loves her B.F Tom. Yesterday the three of us set out on an adventure. The deal was sometimes we would hang out together and sometimes we would seperate. After a couple of hours apart we met  for lunch.

The Marwood Cafe 54  Ship Street in Brighton has inspired me to never ever  give up my clutter.
I just have to learn to embrace it Excentric Bohemia Cosy could be the new look. At the Marwood cafe computer towers with cushions make great chairs,doors are used to make counters tables and seats.The look is definitely not Cath Kidson , but thats ok cause I am a bit bored with that look. I  loved the bra over the lampshade, loved the art on the wall and so did the teens.

The menu was perfect  because the Marwood  has no kitchen to speak of; the blackboard offering was "cheap white bread toasties" made in a cheap but very effecient toastie machine.  £2.50 per toastie. They were perfect.

  I can't blog about coffee because I am not a proper coffee geek but I have worked with coffee geeks and  been served amazing coffee daily. Marwoods coffee was a joy I had a pretty little piccola.  After we had devoured out toasties we shared a slice of Victoria Sponge there was nothing cheap and white about the sponge it was £2.50 a slice and it taste as gorgous as it looked.