Camden Cooking

Almost a week at Camden Bar and Kitchen Ashely Cross  and I will be honest and say" Oh my Goodness Me."  I am not sure I have ever cooked in such a tiny tiny  kitchen..Much much work to do, and some serious menu tweaking. The kitchen is cozy or its a cupboard, or its like when you have a dream  that you are at work but actually you have fallen asleep in a cupboard.
The said kitchen is made all the more cozy with the company of the Lovely Fiona. Not only is Fiona a great help at a million things like lighting the gas oven,the oven terrifies me and the pilot is right at the back so you have to lie down practically on the floor to get it lit. Fi is also good at showing me how to get a pan scarily hot for steak and she has been learning my recipes really quickly. We have had some  fun when I showed her how to make red onions Barbie Pink  and she has now tasted cactus for the first time. The food has all gone out looking really pretty some of it even with purple pansies on top.There has been much positive feed back. The kitchen can only get better I don't think it will get bigger but maybe more shelves. I know I can do this..and I love the walk to work and never having to take the bus. I will say though I do miss Mr Lovett and his genius skill with space and shelves and problem solving and I really miss a huge kitchen and loads of storage space.
I am hoping once I get this kitchen organized I could have a few excursions perhaps do a couple of sessions with Sarah from Travels with my Aunt World Cafe,she must have some tips on cooking in a small space. I need to take another trip up to London and check out Broadway Market. How much space do those stalls have? Street food is often amazing food cooked in small spaces.I have so much to learn..