Tofu Scramble

Tofu marinating for a sandwich

Mmm Tofu
Sometimes just the mention of tofu in a dish on a menu can stop it from selling.
It seems in the U.K people have not had many great adventures with Tofu. Tofu is often seen as some kind of a penance for wanting to be a vegetarian. But it doesnt have to be.Tofu is amazing.You can make tofu cream if you whip tofu in a food processor with cashew nuts and vanilla. You can make a Tofu chick pea scramble. A lovely alternative to scrambled eggs. Silken tofu can be used to make dairy free sauces for pasta, or creamy salad dressings.

One of my favourite ways to serve tofu is in a sandwich

It made me so happy a few weeks ago when i made one for my twelve year old daughter, Raven. She loved it! It's a special kind of joy watching your kid eat complete protein and enjoy it. It's like the feeling i used to get when she would say "Mom can i have another apple. "

I like to serve tofu sandwiches on a Portugese Roll mainly because the Portuges rolls will stay nice and crusty not go all soggy like those burger buns that fall apart in your hand the minute you place any food on them. If you can't find Portuges rolls any crusty roll will do.

The tofu sandwich i make at home and the one that we serve at Cafe Boscanova looks surprisingly like a fillet of fish on a bun.
I use clearspot organic tofu it comes in 250 gr packs i get mine from

Here is How.

Cut the tofu into sandwich size squares

Marinate the tofu in
a quater of a cup of shoya or tamari soya sauce
a quater cup of water of water
and a couple of tbs of cider vinigar
a clove of crushed garlic and a tsp of grated ginger

leave for a couple of hours or overnight or even twoor three days.

When you are ready to serve

Mix together half a cup of Golden corn flour (that is the Polenta corn flour)
not corn starch.
a quater cup of bran flakes- they should be really thin almsot like fish food.
and 4 tbs of Engevita nutritional yeast flakes- (delicous but you can manage withouth them if you cant find them.)

Coat the tofu in the mix turning constantly until it is nicely covered then shallow fry. When the outside is golden serve on a portugese roll with a little salad.
I had an Asian Slaw with mine. Kids might prefer it plain with a little ketchup.