Thai Carrot and Red Curry Soup,

Hooray, Hooray we have had snow,this is the weather of my youth. It is such long time since I have felt that familiar crunch under foot.The other day in Alexander Park I felt like I was walking into a Christmas painting. There was a man with a light meter and a pinhole camera trying to take pictures of the snow and kids of all ages laughing and sliding down the path on boards and boxes.

I know its not fun for everyone. The news is full of weather related disaster stories. England is just not prepared for snow. Unlike Ontario we don't have a fleet of snow ploughs to come out over night and clear the roads. Nobody has snow tires.

When it comes to cooking,cold weather is inspirational.I love to bake on a snowy day. It's an excuse to make the kitchen even cozier by turning on the oven, a pot of soup bubbling away on the back of the stove completes the picture.

At work this week we have sold more soup than any other week.
I am not surprised, who would want a baguette in this kind of weather and it's not as if you can eat your baguette while walking to the shops on a lunch break.
You need all your senses to walk on the ice.

Thai Carrot and and Red Curry Soup

1tbs of sunflower oil
1000 grams of carrots- chopped
1/4 litres of water
3tbs of marigold vegan stock powder
2tbs of ginger grated
2tbs of chopped lemongrass
1/2 block of coconut
a large handful of corriander.
1-2 tbs of thai red curry paste

Put the oil into a large pan
add the carrots, the finely choped lemongrass and the ginger.
Cook together for a few minutes stirring constantly
add the water and the stock powder.
Bring to the boil and then simmer the mix until the carrots are soft
this should take 20-30 minutes
Add the half bar of coconut red curry paste to taste
and another half litre of water.
Allow the flavours to cook together and the coconut to disolve.
Blend the soup until smooth. Throw in a handful of corriander.
adjust the thickness by adding a little more water or the heat by adding more or less curry paste.
Serve topped with green chillies. I served mine with cranberry and ginger chutney

This soup makes a lovely main course meal if you want to add chicken or tofu and lots of bean sprouts.


  1. Looks good. How is the coconut prepped? Grated or choppped. I've never cooked with coconut before. I like curry but nobody else in the family does.

    As for the snow, I'm tired of it! We get so much and I don't like the cold, but we haven't had as much snow so far yet this winter. But i'm betting we'll get a giant storm of snow. - It's only a matter of time!

    On my street the plow will come after the main roads have been plowed.

    The kids always enjoy snow as we did when we were little. There is lots of sledding here along with skiing, snow mobiling, and skating. the kids like snow tubing down the hill at snow vally. Scary at first then it's fun. Scarier as you get older!

    Because we are north of Toronto, not far from Muskoka region, we get lots of snow because we are in the Swow Belt.

    We are close to ski hills and resorts where we live.

    My pool is covered in snow along with the rest of the back yard.

    Mark Austin

  2. Hi Mark the coconut comes in a bar .. just like a bar of soap it melts into the soup so it does not look or feel like baking chocolate. sometimes people that dont like desicated coconut like coconut milk. Though i am not sure your kids would be a big fan of curry.
    Raven certainly doesnt. She is a baked beans on toast kind of girl.

  3. i mean baking coconut not baking chocolate silly me.


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