The local supermarkets have marked down the last of the mince pies and Christmas foods. At Waitrose Chocolate Santa Claus, and mince pies have been replaced with detox teas and tissues. No wonder nobody likes January!

I have been at work the last two days. It is hard to know what to feed people in this Arctic chill. This is the time of year everybody decides to save money and pack their own lunch.

Specials at Cafe Boscanova this week are Curried Lentil and Apricot soup. It's good for you - warming and gorgeous. It is also meat free, wheat free, and dairy free,so it fits in well with a lot of those detox diets. For under a fiver we also have a Thai Green Veggie Chili. Made with aubergines,red peppers,spinach,and tofu. The recipe will be published here very soon.

I have dedicated this recipe to Jamie my downstairs kitchen companion and Oli one of the Cafe's veggie waitresses. I am hoping they both try making it at home.

Raven my daughter pictured below baked her own lunch-box cookies this week- we got the recipe from the spelt flour package and we love it. They contain no white sugar they are nice and chewy and no packaging to throw in the bin.