Black Bean Burrito

Yesterday I went out by myself for Lunch. It was my day off. I chose a place to eat and was amazed to find a Black Bean Breakfast Burrito on the menu. This is pretty unusual because in Dorset Burritos and black beans are not very common.

We sell them at Cafe Boscanova but that is mainly because my cooking is hugely influenced not so much by the ten years running a Mexican restaurant, but by the years before living in cities like Toronto and Vancouver.I still remember getting Black Bean Burritos out of vending machines at Mac's Milk on Denman street in Vancouver.

At Boscanova we sell Black Bean Burritos and Chicken and Black Bean Burritos and black beans with our Hueveros Rancheros. Even our soups often feature black beans. So Yesterday I had to try the Burrito for curiosity's sake. It was described as having a spicy ranchero sauce scrambled eggs and black beans.

First of all it was not a burrito i would describe it as a perhaps a quesadilles, but without the cheese. It was more like a tortilla folded in half and dried out in a hot oven. There were about thirty black beans inside the tortilla they were like tiny slightly hard beads. The bland ranchero sauce seemed to serve only one purpose to make the bottom of the whole contraption really soggy. There was one piece of Coriander, or Cilantro as we call it in North America.This was a garnish. Things that were definitely not anywhere near the burrito were garlic, cumin, chili, cheese or anything that would give it some oomph.

Of course I didn't complain, my meal was hot, it wasn't burnt and there were no foreign objects in in. I guess it was just their version but I have to say i am really proud of the Black Bean Burritos we serve at Cafe Bocanova.

At Cafe Boscanova our burritos are served like little packages folded in a square which is more Mexican style. We stuff them with cheese, salsa, and our beans have loads of flavour. All of our Burritos are garnished with loads of chopped coriander fresh salsa, chillies and guacamole.

I can't remember when I learned how to make black beans but our staff and customers love them. I have decided not to publish a recipe for the Cafe Boscanova Black Bean burrito. Some things just need to stay secret.


  1. Shame you won't post the recipe... these black bean burritos are awesome!! My definite favourite from Boscanova!


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