Plant Based Menu

                  Plant Based Catering Menu

                               In Poole& Bournemouth  Dinner Parties, Hot and Cold Buffets. 
                               Sharing Feasts ,Bowl Foods, Canapes ,Yoga Vitality Boxes. Pop-ups   



Tumeric,Cumin,&Zaatar roasted Cauliflower with quinoa & pomegranate seeds £4.50     
Calvo Nero marinated with olive oil, lemon, Himalayan salt, topped with tortilla crunch  £4.50      
Rice Noodles,carrot,cucumber mint, coriander, peanuts, BBQ hearts of Palm   £5.50   
Sweet Potato,roast peppers edaname beans with quinoa    £4.50  
Caesar, Cos Lettuce, Polenta croutons,coconut baykon tamari tofu dressing £4.50     
Ceviche,young coconut, marinated in lime with cucumber, red onion and coriander £5.50       
Poke Salad rice noodles,carrots, spinach, cucumber topped with marinated watermelon.£4.50    
             Dips.served with,  tortilla chips or pita  
Basil Huumus topped with dukkah. £3.50                                                                 
Roast sweet potato & lime huumus .£3.50                                                                                
Black bean & Chipotle Huumus £3.50

 Sandwiches and such   
 Sandwiches served on sourdough in a wrap on mini sliders or on gluten friendly tostadas  
Club sandwich- chipotle cashew mayo– lettuce, tomato and smoked coconut baykcon £3.50            
Tofu Bahn Mi  peanut sauce,pickled carrot, cucumber,spinach, grilled tofu £3.50                        
Hearts of Palm tooner with chick-pea tofu mayo and capers. £3.50                                                                                   
 Heat and Serve                           
Chilli  made with organic black beans.w/tortilla chips. £5.50                                                                         
Burrito w/ Black  bean chili wrapped in a tortilla with cashew cheese w/ Salsa & tofu sour cream. £5.50      

BBQ Hearts of Palm w/aubergine served with corn tortillas, rainbow slaw and black beans to roll your own tacos. £6.00                
BBQ Hearts of palm and aubergine enchiladas  (two per serving)£4.50    
Sausage Rolls on vegan puff pastry with Pomegranate Chutney £3.50

Calzones vegan puff pastry filled w/ aubergine&sweet potato with tofu cheese £3.50                                                      
                            Minimum order  6 people per Dish